Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Getting to know you - 10 odd facts about me

I AM SO SORRY I DISAPPEARED AGAIN!! End of August and September has just been completely manic, so much to tell! But it has been hectic with new jobs (eeek!! I start in just over a week), ear infections and other illness, my brother, sister-in-law and niece coming to stay, getting prepared to move house and all the other little bits in between. It is safe to say I have been run off my feet for roughly 6 weeks and just haven't had the time to take photos and all the other necessary processes needed for a good blog post. I know, probably a weak excuse but I'll try my best to be back with a vengeance now!

So, as I have been away for a while I thought it would be good to come back with a post reintroducing you to, well, me. I tried to go for the stranger facts to keep it interesting, but I promise I am not a weirdo! Oh, and sorry for the weird picture up there ^^ turns out I am not brilliant at paint...who would've thought!

1) When I was a baby I looked like an alien. My eyes were a bit big for my strange shaped head... I'm not even joking, look!:

Or a gremlin - look at those ears! :/

2) I watch films that are probably too emotionally draining whilst getting ready for work in the morning. I mean, last week for instance, I watched '12 Years a Slave' whilst doing my hair and make-up in the morning. Yes, I had to do my mascara twice but I don't know when I'd get the chance to watch all these things if I didn't have them on in the background (and yes I do still manage to follow them). It really annoys my movie geek friend though, maybe I should stick to things like 'Despicable Me' from now on...

3) I'm pretty sure I used to be addicted to extra strong mints. I literally used to eat 2 packs of them a day, obsessed! Before you ask, my stomach was fine, I was just always super minty. There were no support groups available to help me overcome my addiction so I had to go cold turkey and do it myself. My name is Jenni and I have been off extra strong mints for 3 years now *applause*

4) I spend forever in the shower and I have no idea why. Honestly, my parents turn on the taps downstairs to 'flush me out' sometimes. I have short hair so I technically should be through the shower quite quickly :/ I blame the fact I'm still half asleep most mornings.

5) I am OCD about lists. I make lists for everything. It drives my boyfriend mad and yet in no way organises me. But at least I have all the right intentions!

6) I used to swim for my county, I had actually got really good by the time I turned 16! Then I discovered boys and going out with my friends and getting up for practice or giving up my Friday nights for practice just seemed dumb. Now I wish I had stuck with it, gutted I didn't . You always think you know better at 16 though!

7) My parents call me the boomerang child. I have moved out 3 times so far and have always come back. My brother moved out once and stayed gone. Hopefully when I move out next week I will stay gone! I may even give them the chance to miss me this time ;)

8) I spend literally all my money on beauty products, the amounts of lipstick and perfume I have is just unnatural. But then I moan because I have no new clothes, and so buy more make-up to cheer myself up again. Vicious circle.

9) I am obsessed with ugly dogs. I don't know why but I am just drawn to them and fall in love with them, take my old dog Fito for instance:

I rescued Fito from SARA's when I lived in Lanzarote (which is a bit like RSPCA here). He is a Podenco and in the Canary Islands they are used for hunting and usually treated pretty appallingly. With Fito, he had been beaten so his bottom jaw was a bit wonky and his front legs were slightly bowed. But he was so sweet and lovely so I rescued him and I thought he was beautiful. (F.Y.I - my mum said he was an ugly fox/bat/dog hybrid, my poor boy! she did love him though)

10) And last but not least - my middle name is Maud... I have the ugliest middle name imaginable, that's Ned Flander's wife's name!! :'( I never tell anyone my middle name as I hate it so much, so you guys are kinda privileged right now.

And so, there you go. I thought it was probably best to stop at 10, I didn't want to bore you guys or leave you thinking I was a bit of an oddball. Hopefully it will leave you feeling like you have reconnected with me after my time off from blogging ;)

Please leave a strange fact about yourself in the comments, I love hearing about other people's strange qualities, it's good to know we are all a bit abnormal really!