Monday, 2 June 2014

Weight Loss Challenge - update #3

Start weight = 10stone 5lbs
Target weight = 9stone
Current weight = 9stone 13lbs

 I have had literally no weight loss this week, I genuinely can't work out why though as I really stuck to my exercise routine and ate healthily. I did have a BBQ and drinks with friends on Saturday night though and did have a few drinks so maybe alcohol is really as bad for weight loss as they say...damn! I was good foodwise though, sticking mainly to chicken at the BBQ and not having any bread because it just makes me bloat and feel a bit meh anyway these days.

The rest of the week I was doing relatively well though. I had to miss Thursday's body pump class as I had an appointment to get my hair done but I attended all the others, even Friday's when I really had to drag myself from my bed in the morning! I ate really healthily, sticking mainly to peanut butter wraps for my lunch (sounds rank but is lush) and no sweets/crisps etc. I was most likely on course to lose weight before the alcohol at the weekend dashed that idea! What makes it worse though is the fact that I felt so rubbish all of Sunday because of the hangover, really made me wonder if drinking is actually worth it. Especially as one of my friends that was there was ill and went to sleep at ten and woke up the next morning feeling fab whilst I felt like death.

So I'm pretty disappointed in myself this week, I could have done a lot better and it was so unnecessary really. But I have learnt my lesson and hopefully next weekend I will manage to stick to my guns and be good. I am currently no longer on target for what I set myself which really annoys me after my brilliant first week and so I'm going full guns blazing this week! Wish me luck...