Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Amazing perfume dupes at Next!

I was very lucky recently to receive two perfumes from Next. At first I wasn't ridiculously fussed, I'm a lover of all perfumes but did not think they would be anything special, but how wrong I was! The ones that I got are Define and Sparkle.

When I first tried these I was left with that 'where do I know this from?' feeling, and then it clicked! These smell pretty much exactly like a couple of expensive (to me) brand perfumes, very good dupes for a LOT smaller price tag.

Sparkle: I thought I would begin with this one as it is my favourite of the two. This to me smells just like Dolce and Gabbanna The One. It's lovely!! And I was even more surprised by the fact that it is incredibly durable to go with it. I often put this on in the morning before work and I can still smell it on me when I get home. The bottle and packaging is very cute and sparkly, looks very nice and feminine on display. All this and it's only £12 for 100ml. I don't think you could ever justify it not being worth having.

Define: Again, this left me trying to work out where I have smelt this before. It took me a bit longer to work out then with Sparkle but it did finally dawn on me. This smells just like Armani She, a scent that reminds me of my best friend as it's one of her go to favourites, and that's the only reason I managed to work it out! The bottle isn't as pretty as that of Sparkle but it is still very nice and, in my opinion, quite dramatic and classy. This perfume also lasts all day at a mere price tag of £12 for 100ml PLUS you get a Body Lotion thrown in too, perfect!

I have also heard that a lot of the other perfumes there smell like very good high end dupes, one even smells like Coco Chanel apparently. I must get my hands on that!

Do you know of any other brilliant dupes that are available? I love a good perfume, and if I can get one for a significant difference in price that still has the same strength and longevity then I really am interested!! I'll try and pick up some of the others that they have in Next to try them out too and work out what their 'smells like' are for you :)

Also, I know that Next also sell men's aftershave, I'm very interested to get these (for my boyfriend, not me!) to see if they also smell like expensive brand smells.