Friday, 11 July 2014

Leibster Award - my second nomination!

First of all I would like to thank Jennificient for nominating me. It's always nice to have your blog 'discovered' by other bloggers and promoted within their blog, especially when you have under 200 followers yourself! It seems I am close to reaching that point now, but thank you again Jenni!

So these are the questions I was asked and my answers:

1. What is your most essential summer beauty product?
Erm...has to be suncream! I don't usually burn but I think this is because I always start the summer with at least a SPF8 cream. Once my skin has begun to get a bit of colour I drop down to about an SPF4 oil but I do like to protect my skin in the sun.

2. If you would have to choose only one, would you choose bronzer or blush?
I use both! I'm a bit of a fan of contouring and so I need both for that look :( but I think if I had to pick I would choose blush.

3. What was the first item of makeup you ever bought with your own money?
God that was sooo long ago! When I first started buying make-up I didn't have the first clue what I was doing - my mum has no interest in make-up and has worn it probably twice in her entire life and I have no sisters for advice either! So my first item was most likely something a bit cheap and rubbish! It was definitely a mascara though, I started hoarding them from when I first got into make-up.

4. How old were you when you first took an interest in beauty & makeup?

I think I was around 12 or 13. I had got bought an eye shadow palette for my birthday and I loved all the colours and got really in to it from there. I then used to save my pocket money to get little bits and pieces here and there.

5. How would you describe your beauty style?

I usually go for something quite natural looking just for day to day (like for work etc). I do like to mix it up with a bold lip from time to time or a bold coloured eyeliner. Who doesn't love a splash of colour?!

6. How would you describe your clothes?

Erm...I wouldn't say I am exactly the most fashionable of people. I have nice clothes that I like and think suits me but I am far from being a style icon. I like collared tops and skinny jeans, midi dresses etc. Quite feminine but simple style.

7. What is the one item of clothing you would never wear?

Crocs! Shoes count as an item of clothing right? Because I would never be seen dead in them! An actual clothing item, for anyone that may be slightly picky on this question, would be....those harem/genie bottoms. I have next to no hips and so they just really don't flatter me at all.

8. Have you ever regretted wearing something? If so, what was it?

Oh so many things! Erm the worst was probably... these really baggy jeans I had when I was about 14. They were sooo baggy at the feet that I could have climbed in them and curled up for a nap inside the leg of those jeans. I was in a bit of a grunge phase and thought they were really cool, I wish I had listened to everyone else telling me they weren't!

9. Which trend would you like to see return? (fashion or beauty – or both)

If I'm completely honest, I am not a massive follower of fashions. Whether it be clothing or beauty trends, I usually just do what makes me feel comfortable in myself. So there isn't really anything I think 'Oh I wish that would come back in to fashion'. One thing I don't want to make a comeback are those trousers with a skirt attached, do any of you remember them?! I had a pair at primary school and thought I was soo cool, they were a pretty ridiculous fashion!

10. Is there a celebrity whose sense of style you admire? If so, who is it?

I love Kelly Osbourne's style. She is so confident in herself and her style and I really admire that. Plus, she always looks awesome! Especially her new hair, everyone should have a lilac mohawk!

11. If you could select 5 new items for your wardrobe and money wouldn’t be an issue, what would you choose?

Wow this one is tricky! Mainly because when I buy new clothes it's just because I've had a mooch around the shops and really liked them so bought them! No forward planning involved at all. Therefore I'll give a pretty broad answer - shoes! I just don't feel I have enough (does any woman?)

So there are all my answers, I hope they were slightly insightful as to the inner workings of my mind! I'm a pretty normal, average person so I'm afraid there wasn't anything too exciting in there. The questions for my nominees are:

1) What is your most treasured beauty product that you repurchase over and over again?
2) How did you get into beauty blogging?
3) What beauty bloggers are the biggest inspiration to you?
4) What do you find to be the most difficult thing about blogging?
5) Which make-up brand, if you had to pick just one, is your stand out favourite? (high-end or high street)
6) If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you spent money on?
7) What would be your ideal job? Are you already doing it?
8) What is your earliest memory?
9) What was the last book you read?
10) Do you have a fitness routine? If so, what does it involve?
11) What is your guilty pleasure?

And last but not least, my nominees are:

1) Katy Smith at
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I'm sorry there is not the full 11 but it is so difficult to find bloggers with under 200 followers right now!

Good luck guys! I hope you find my questions interesting and I look forward to seeing your answers :)

And to all my followers, I hope this introduced you to some new bloggers!