Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Real Techniques brushes - late to the party!

Despite all the raving reviews about how amazing Real Techniques brushes were, I never actually purchased any to see for myself. Well, except one silicone eyeliner brush, which I really liked, but never got anymore.

I was mooching around TK Maxx (which is becoming a favourite for beauty related items, you can get some absolute bargains in there!) a couple of days ago and came across the Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brush Set for £6 off and so I had to buy it to see for myself. I was certainly not disappointed!!

Within this set is l-r: the Essential Foundation brush, Domed Shadow brush and Multi Task brush. They are all of extremely good quality and although I haven't used the shadow brush very often as I don't really wear eyeshadow on a day to day basis, I have used the other 2 pretty much every day. They are just brilliant, far better than my old brushes, which were a bit rubbish to be honest.

I use the foundation brush to apply my liquid foundation and it applies it like an absolute dream. With my old foundation brush I would have to go over my whole face with a sponge after as it would leave brush streaks but this doesn't require you to do this at all. I think it's because the old brush was crappy, plastic-y synthetic bristles were as this feels much higher quality. Loved it instantly!

I use the multi-task brush for applying my setting powder over my liquid foundation. It is so soft on the skin and picks up a good amount of product and buffs beautifully.

I can't fault any of these brushes, they really are great. They even come in this case which can be set as a display case (above photo) or even folded as a protective travel case, perfect!:

Getting this set has really warmed me to using Real Technique brushes and I do have my eye on many more! It's my birthday next week though so I have to force myself to walk away from them in the shops just in case the little birthday fairies bring them for me... All fingers and toes are now crossed!

Have you tried any RT brushes? What were your opinions on the brand? Or maybe you can suggest some other good ones for me to try? All comments are very much welcomed :)

Real Techniques Travel Essentials brush set is £20.99 in Superdrug here - but as I said, keep an eye out in TK Maxx for some great bargains! I got mine for £14.99