Friday, 20 June 2014

Birchbox - June

My Birch box was very early this month in my opinion, although it may have just seemed so because May's was so late! But it was a really great box this month, all products that I would use often.

The theme for this month's box was 'Global Strikers' and was made up of products from around the world that would be really good to add to your beauty routine.

First up is the beautyblender. When I saw that this was one of the items that may be in my box I was so excited and had all fingers and toes crossed that I would be one of the lucky people to receive this item. I had read so many great reviews and was desperate to try it out for myself. I tried using it the way that was suggested, running it under cold water and squeezing all the excess water from it and squeezing it between a towel just to dry it a little more. After many uses I came to the conclusion that I just can't along with this tool. I find it doesn't blend my foundation on my skin at all and leaves visible 'dabbing' marks on my skin, which I then have to brush over. Slightly disappointed but glad I hadn't spent full price on it!

This is actually a really thick face moisturiser, much thicker than any I have tried using before. It doesn't have any noticeable scent to it, which I quite like, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it applied to the skin and was absorbed given it's consistency. I wouldn't say it has greatly improved my skin but it is quite nice to use all the same and feels quite indulgent.

I wasn't too bothered by this product when I first saw it but I have very quickly become a fan. It has a subtle smell to it, I want to say ginger? But it's not overpowering at all and I quite like it. It's quite creamy and absorbs into the skin very easily. I have noticed a bit of an improvement in the skin on my legs already. Definitely worth looking in to to purchase.

This was another item I was crossing my fingers for! This is one of the shades from the newly released Brazil collection and I'm so glad I got this one (the yellow would just look hideous on me!). It's an OPI polish so you probably are already aware that these are very good quality. The shade is gorgeous too, with a nice hint of shimmer. Perfect for the summer, I think this will be being well used!

As you can see from the above swatch, this lipstick wasn't as big on pigment as I would have liked. The shade in the tube looks great (I was really pleased to get such a nice shade) but it does not translate to the lips at all. OK, it gives a nice subtle shimmer and is quite moisturising but I just prefer a bit of colour on my lips as I was not blessed with overly pigmented ones :( a great lippy for those who have though.

So overall I was really pleased with this month's box. There were some great products included, some that I had been wanting to try and some new discoveries. Very happy subscriber!

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Did you get similar products this month? What were your favourites?