Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weight Loss Challenge - update #5

Start weight = 10stone 5lbs
Target weight = 9stone
Current weight = 10stone

Oh dear....

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may know what went wrong here... I was doing really well during the week, actually losing about a pound by Thursday but then I spent the weekend with my nan and having a BBQ. What you should know about my nan is that she is a feeder and hard to say no to!

So it was all going really well, I was on track for another loss and then I went up to visit my nan on Saturday. She had made a great big roast dinner (big is an understatement) for lunch, full of yorkshire puds and roast potatoes followed by a summer fruit pudding. I couldn't exactly say no to my poor old nan that had spent ages cooking it all, could I? You're right, I probably could have... Then I was a bit better for dinner, she always does a buffet style dinner where she just chucks a load of meat, cheese, salad, bread etc on the table and lets everyone help themselves so I stuck to mainly salad and chicken but had a small amount of bread also.

Then we had to come back Sunday because one of her radiators was leaking and Ryan (my boyfriend) is a plumber. So again she had made a lovely lunch of chicken and veg in a really thick gravy with potatoes and bread followed with an apple crumble and cream, uh-oh! And once done there we had to go back for a Father's Day meal with Ryan's family which consisted of burgers and sausages from the BBQ and flavoured rice and other nibbles. Too. Much. Food.

So in reality I managed to put on roughly 3lbs in 3 days, which sounds pretty bad to me? It probably isn't too bad but when trying to lose weight it's not really ideal. I had spent the whole day Saturday (when not eating) helping nan with her garden, cutting hedges back and planting and running wheelbarrows of compost around and so that had probably made me not put on quite as much weight as I should have.

So a bit of a fail this week which I'll have to sort out over the next week. I shall be really good! I'm hoping to get back down to at least 9stone 12lbs again by next Monday so that I'm back on track. As always, I'll keep you updated!

How are your weight loss challenges going? I love to hear all your progress as it helps keep me motivated for my own :)