Thursday, 26 June 2014

Glossybox - June box

Firstly I just want to apologise for being so slow in writing my posts recently. I am just crazy busy right now, working 2 jobs and going to the gym 5 times a week that sometimes it is just a struggle to get anything else done! So bare with me, it will get better I promise!

So anyway, this was the box that I received from Glossybox for June. I have been considering cancelling this subscription for a little while, especially as I had so much trouble with their customer service team last month. This box didn't really sway my thoughts to keep it.... It wasn't a bad box, just slightly disappointing product-wise.

From left to right there is a bottle of Roger & Gallet Fragrance, a So Susan Concealer Quad, Nail Girls 3 in 1 Nail Polish, Teeez Flat Brush and Novex Extra Deep Hair Care Cream (Brazilian Keratin). 

The thing that put me off this product is that the packaging just looked quite cheap and tacky so didn't leave me exactly excited to use the product inside. It's just too over the top with too much going on and looks a bit...pants. The consistency is quite good, although not as thick as I would have imagined. It's not heavily scented which is quite nice. I can't comment on how good it is though because I haven't actually used it yet...I just can't bring myself too as I would much rather use my Moroccan Oil hair mask. Sorry Novex!

This came at a good time because my base/top coat was starting to dry out a bit and so I was looking to get a new one so TA-DAH! It's a pretty good top coat, I noticed a slight difference in the length of time my nail polish lasted without chipping and it doesn't seem to have that horrible strong nail polish smell, which is a great bonus to me. I think it went some way to strengthen my nails but they weren't in a particularly bad condition to start with so can't really comment too much on that. Overall, I quite like it.

This brush was one of the redeeming features of this box. I loved even the packaging it came in, lush! And even better, the same design was on the brush handle, a very cool looking brush. It also worked really well (which is the important thing!). I use this brush for blending eye-shadow and it has been used a lot since I got it. I can't fault it and will definitely look at purchasing more brushes from their collection.

This just seemed a really random addition to this month's box. Yes it smells quite pleasant but it's not a fragrance you would really wear 'out and about', like a perfume. I just found it a bit odd, gave it to my niece to play with...

This concealer I just couldn't work with. It was literally rock solid in the compact and so much effort to pick up even the smallest amount of product that I just gave up using it after the first try. I may just be doing it wrong but I just don't think concealer should be that much effort and I've had many others that I have liked a lot more. From the swatches you can see that the range of shades is pretty good so there is something for most people. If you've had more luck with this product, please advise me!

So that sums up June's Glossybox. I was slightly disappointed with it as I was hoping for at least slightly more exciting products, especially after loving the Superdrug collaboration. This one felt like a bit of a comedown. But my niece loved having her own 'perfume' to play with so I guess that's one thing!

Did any of you get a Glossybox in June? What were your opinions on this month's box? Any better than mine? All comments are very welcome :)