Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Weight Loss Challenge - update #4

Start weight = 10stone 5lbs
Target weight = 9stone
Current weight = 9stone 12lbs

So it was another slightly disappointing week, but there was still a loss so I'm looking at it in the way that I am making progress, it is just slowly but surely!

If I'm completely honest, I didn't stick to my exercise routine very well last week. I ate absolutely perfectly, having a lot of salads etc for lunch because the weather was so nice (am I the only person that doesn't like anything to heavy when the weather is nice?) so diet-wise I was pretty good. My gym buddy was away on holiday last week though and without her there to grab a token for the class and set up for me I can't make it from work to the gym in time to do body pump so I had to miss them classes. I should have gone into the actual gym and done my own workout instead but I think I really struggle for the motivation for the gym when I'm on my own. Saying that though, I did get up and go to my morning spin classes on my own ok.

I  think what I have learnt from this week is the importance of incorporating both healthy eating and exercise when it comes to weight loss. Especially if you want faster results. But I'm plodding on with it all the same, even if it takes me another 12 weeks to reach target! Which I hope it doesn't as I have booked flights for just over 7 weeks time to go see my friends in Lanzarote, focus Jen!

How have you been getting on this last week? Anyone else trying to get in shape for the summer? With the weather being so nice right now it is a great inspiration!

All comments are very welcome and I aim to reply to every one :)