Monday, 14 April 2014

Battle of the Volume!

Sadly, I was not blessed with the best hair. I would love to have gorgeous thick hair that required next to know effort to look good. Instead I have quite thin, straight hair that can only be described as flat. Therefore I cheat, a lot!! I am a complete sucker for any hair care product that promises big volume and full looking hair. Most I'm disappointed by, a lot I absolutely love though. So I decided to pit two of my favourites against each other, it's Battle of the Volume!!

So here are my finalists; V05 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray and Scwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder. These two products are my go to items for creating loads of volume in my rather fine hair, and they are both so completely different from each other.

V05's Plump It Up spray is designed to spray on your roots to help add and hold lift to your roots, thereby giving the illusion of thick hair. It claims that using this can spare you from the pain of having to backcomb your hair, and more importantly the pain of brushing out backcombed hair the next day! I wouldn't say it 100% sticks to it's claims as I do like to spray it on to my roots in sections and then give them a quick backcomb before it dries, but it does go a long way to reaching that look. It holds the hair perfectly all night and does save me at least, a lot of time back combing the life out of my poor hair!

Schwarzkopf's contender is completely different from this. This is a powder that you sprinkle in to the roots of your hair (the bottle has a built in shaker so you don't accidentally pour too much on!) and then just rub in to the roots to give some lift. I had seen a lot of the adverts for this product and not really thought anything of it, but then one day I met one of my friends for dinner and her hair looked amazing and she told me about this little product, I've never looked back since. I was a bit sceptical as to whether a powder would actually help at all in creating volume, but I suppose dry shampoo is really only a fine powder and that is used to create volume all the time. And this really does work, without backcombing!! You do have to 'shoosh' it up every now and then, but it does do a brilliant job.

So, my overall winner.... I have to give the title to Schwarzkopf's Volumizing Powder. It's just so effortless to use and anything that saves me having to work through tons of conditioner to get backcombing knots out the morning after the night before is a pure godsend to me. But V05's spray is a very close second :)