Monday, 14 April 2014

The Wedding Comedown!

Last Thursday was the long-awaited wedding, so I apologise for having let my blog fall slightly to the sidelines but it has been a manic few days! I'm now finally back home and in to my normal routine, so it's all back to normal on the blog front.

I know I don't really write lifestyle pieces but it ties in with a lot of my recent posts about make-up trials and skin care regimes that I have been helping some of my family with on the build up to the big day. Well it all turned out perfect on the day; mum was really happy with how soft and fresh her face felt all day, not feeling tight or tired at all. My aunt's make-up looked perfect on her, and she used all Boots 17 range products (she bought a shimmer block from their counter for highlighting her cheekbones, it was great and I'll have to get myself one now!). I did also have to stay up until stupid o'clock the night before to do my mum's nails (with waterfall nail art, as previously mentioned here) my nan's nails and then try and get myself in order.

So here's just a quick couple of photos from the day, the hairdresser managed to 'conceal' where I was growing out my undercut and make even my rubbish hair look good! The boyfriend managed to scrub up nice as usual as well! It was a gorgeous wedding, everyone looked amazing and the venue was incredible. A great time was had by all!