Monday, 7 April 2014

Contouring with Avon

It seems contouring is the new MASSIVE thing at the moment. Everyone's raving about Kim Kardashian's perfectly sculpted make-up look or different contour sets that are available for you to achieve the perfect contour yourself. I had to jump on the bandwagon and give this definition-cheat look a try! (Just as a note aside, I do have hamster cheeks and so there is literally no natural contour to my face!)

I chose to attempt this look with some products that I already had available at home and loved rather than go out and buy a new contour palette when I was yet to even practice this look. So to do this I used my face pearls from Avon, an angled contour brush and a chunky blush brush.

To start off (after applying foundation and setting powder as per usual) I used the angled brush to apply the darker bronze pearls to the hollows of my cheeks sticking to the natural line just under my cheekbones to create shadow. I found this easier to do by pulling a fish pout pose and following the line down almost to your mouth from your ear.

Make sure the lines are even on both sides. I found my biggest trouble was getting the lines at the same place on each side! Once you've got this stage perfect, I then applied the highlighting pearls with the chunky blusher brush. I applied these roughly to the brush and then just applied along the cheekbone and the apple of my cheeks. I found it easier to smile to find where needed to be highlighted and follow the line from the apple of your cheeks along the cheekbone just above where you had applied the shadow, blending slightly together but not too much.

Then TA-DAH! Easy as that and it's done. I think this looks nice as it is but a soft pink blush added to the apple of your cheeks would give it a nice, warm rosy look as well, if you wanted to try something a bit different.

So what do you think? I do like the idea of contour palettes but I definitely don't think they are an absolute necessity if you have some good products that you could use to create the same look already. What do you use to contour?

Avon face pearls are available here currently for £5 (down from £10) for the bronze pearls and here for £9 for the highlighting pearls.