Thursday, 24 April 2014

Reverse washing - just not for me??

As you may have seen, the new big hair care 'thing' is reverse washing. This involves conditioning your hair before shampoo-ing it (hence 'reverse') and it's supposed to leave your hair feeling lighter and more cared for as using shampoo second means you wash away any conditioner residue that was left in your hair. In theory this sounded like a really good idea so I was keen to try it, but was disappointed to find that actually I really don't like it this way round. I like my usual routine that I have always done!

I reverse washed my hair on three seperate occasions with my Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner. I chose these because the conditioner is really thick and nourishing as it is designed to protect coloured hair, and so I hoped the effects would last through the shampooing.

I found that applying conditioner to hair that hadn't just been cleaned just felt...weird? It didn't feel like it went nicely on my hair and really absorb. I did leave it for a few minutes like you usually would with a conditioner before rinsing it off and shampooing. I found that the shampoo did really foam, a lot more than usual, very odd. But it left my hair really knotty. It may just be that I have hair that is just prone to knotting at the earliest convenience but half the point of conditioner to me is to ease out the tangles caused by the shampooing process, if you don't condition second all those knots are left in! Very painful detangling session after.

But I perservered, even though I wasn't really loving it at this point. I had visions of having big, beautiful, glossy hair for all my efforts, but sadly I didn't notice any real difference to when I 'forward wash' (is that what we call the 'normal' way of washing now?!). It looked exactly the same to me. Disappointing :(

It may just be because I don't wash my hair everyday, choosing to leave it at least a couple of days between washes, so maybe with the dry shampoo in my hair still when conditioning it didn't allow the conditioner to soak in properly? Also, I have really fine hair so maybe with really fine hair the effects just aren't as noticeable?

Has anyone else tried reverse washing? Did you have the same results as me or did you find it worked really well (I'll pretend I'm not jealous). Would be nice to get some feedback to see where I went wrong!

All comments, as always, are very welcome. I ensure that I read them all and reply if possible :)