Monday, 7 April 2014

Watefall Nail Art

I had been looking for more nail art inspiration and came across so many different designs on Nailasaurus 's blog (you really should give it a look, so many gorgeous designs with good, clear tutorials!). The one that I liked the most, and thought I stood a chance of being able to do being such a novice myself, was the Waterfall Nails design. So my boyfriend's mum kindly decided to let me practice on her hands, and I was so happy with the results (luckily I think she was too!).

And this is all I used:

So, first of all I applied the base coat and once dried, covered the whole nail in a pale pink - 19 Baby Pink from W7. Once this had dried I started creating the 'waterfall lines'. To do this I picked 4 colours and applied them from the cuticle end of the nail with a skinny, tapered brush and slowly drew the line towards the end of the nail, gently lifting the brush so that the line tapered to a point before reaching the end. I picked the colours Lilac from London Girl, Rendezvous from Seche, 319 Foil from Barry M and 66 Matte White from Barry M. Once they were all done and dried I applied a clear top coat to seal the colour and make them last longer.

The overall effect looked lovely! I will definitely be trying this look on my own nails in the near future :)