Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beauty - Lipstick lover

I love a good lipstick and always feel like something is missing if I ever leave the house without it! I love trying new colours and brands to find different shades that suit me... and others that don't.

At the moment I am absolutely loving my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte lipstick by Kate Moss in shade 101. This is a very pale pastel pink which I originally didn't think would be my colour at all but it is gorgeous on the lips, very soft and girly. The actual texture of the  lipstick is beautifully creamy and so easy to apply, you can just swipe it on and it's perfect, no need to keep going over and over your lips like with some matte lipsticks. What's great about it having this texture is that I found it did not dry my lips out at all.

I've heard of some people being slightly off about a citrus-y scent with this range of lipsticks but in my opinion it is a quite soft, almost powdery citrus scent. It is incredibly subtle and barely noticeable to me when it's on and I think it is a rather nice fragrance all the same.

The only minor pitfall with this lipstick, I would say, is it's lack of durability. Obviously you expect some rubbing off of your lipstick when eating/drinking but I had really hoped it would last longer than it did before having to do touch ups. It's such a winning lipstick in other aspects though so I'm prepared to let this one slide...

Rimmel London lasting finish matte lipstick - £5.49 rrp