Saturday, 29 March 2014

My quest for whiter teeth...

I've always been quite lucky with my teeth, I've never had braces or fillings or really any work on my teeth. Thank God as I'm terrified of the dentist! But as pictures of people with perfect white teeth are shined at us every day through magazines and television and all other forms of media I decided to try ways of whitening my teeth without having to pay out for ridiculously expensive treatments. Therefore I picked up some Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening Toothpolish. This toothpaste promises up to 4 shades whiter teeth in 3 weeks, a big claim to make.

This is just to be used like a normal toothpaste - twice a day brushing. And so it seemed the perfect hassle-free method of tooth whitening to try as a first off. I've only been using it for a few days (since last Sunday) and I can honestly say that I'm already seeing results, and my teeth were quite white before - I promise!! So so far I am agreeing with their claims. It also has a lovely minty taste which I prefer, I personally am not a fan of any flavours other than mint when it comes to toothpaste. 

I'm thinking of trying also the whitening strips that you apply to your teeth and leave to dissolve. I'll most likely try these out once I've finished my Pearl Drops!

Do you use any teeth whitening products? What are your favourites??

Pearl Drops are available at Boots and Superdrug - £4.85