Thursday, 20 March 2014

Beauty - Nail Art Attempt

I have recently been looking at a lot of blogs involving nail art and found myself desperately wanting to give it a try myself, despite the fact that I am in no way artistic, what could go wrong?! I looked around on eBay and found some nail dotter pens, sponges and nail art brushes. The dotters arrived yesterday and I have been desperate to try them out all day at work!!

These are the pens that I ordered (very cheaply!) and as you can see they are doubled ended and each one has 2 different size ends in order to create different size dots. You simply apply your nail varnish to the dotters and dab them on to your nails for the perfect dots which you can use to create all different patterns. This is what I did on my own nails:

I tried to keep them very simple for my first try, I didn't want to be too over ambitious straight away! But I am actually very happy with the results. After applying the base coat I used a light chocolate brown as my main colour, covering the entire nail. I then used a medium sized dotter to do lines of purple and emerald green dots in to triangular shapes. Simple but effective :)

Overall I'm very happy with the results. I'll keep experimenting with my nail art and post any that I'm particularly happy with, especially when my new items arrive, I can't wait!