Sunday, 30 March 2014

Micellar Cleansing Water

I don't think anyone could have missed the recent hype surrounding the use of micellar cleansing water to clean the face and remove make-up, I've certainly seen a lot of people raving about how wonderful it is. I was quite sceptical as I am quite funny about removing my make-up in the evening and making sure my skin is nice and clean before going to bed. I had my concerns that 'water' wouldn't have the good cleaning effect that I like. But being the type of person who likes to try something new I decided to at least give it a try, so I looked around at different reviews and saw a lot of positive comments about the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water. I picked this up in Boots, and even better is that it's currently on offer for £3.33 for 400ml (down from £4.99).

What's so brilliant about Micellar water is that it's good for even the most sensitive skin as it isn't packed with loads of harsh chemicals. This is brilliant for me as my skin can be a bit temperamental and have a bit of a reaction to some products.

All you have to do to use this is apply it to a cotton wool pad (I personally prefer the large oval shaped pads) and wipe it over your face, simple! I was surprised at just how gentle this feels against your skin and yet how well it cleans your face. It even removed my waterproof mascara without  having to scrub at my face. I usually remove my make-up with face wipes that do state that they can even remove waterproof make-up but even they require some scrubbing so I was really impressed with how good this is. What I also really liked is that it doesn't feel like any residue has been left on your face as with some cleansers, and it feels really natural, partly to do with the fact that it doesn't have a strong chemical scent (Clean & Clear, I'm looking at you!). I would have quite liked if it had been slightly scented but I'm not too fussed as I was more than happy with the product.

Overall, I'm really glad I gave in to my curiosity and decided to give this product a go. I can easily see this becoming a permanent part of my nightly routine as it had such a gentle soothing effect on my skin whilst removing even the most stubborn make-up. Definitely worth a try if you haven't already invested in some!