Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beauty - Primark Haul!

I am writing this blog post after a particularly tough spinning session and so I am very achey and stuffing myself with fizzy cola bottles (guilty pleasure!) to keep myself awake to write this. This is all because I HAD to share with you all the make-up items I picked up from Primark at the weekend!!

I know what you are probably thinking - 'make-up from Primark?! I bet it's rubbish!' - and yes, I thought exactly the same but with it being so cheap I thought that there couldn't be any harm in trying a few items. It turns out, I was actually really impressed with what I got!

I'll start with the lipsticks and lip crayon I bought. I went for a VERY bright neon pink lipstick, a quite coral shade of red  lipstick and a pale pink/nude shimmery lip crayon.

From the swatches you can see just how bright the lipsticks are, I love them!! I couldn't quite find the right light to show how they have a slight gloss finish to them (they look incredibly matte in comparison in this photo). They have a lush, creamy texture, making them so easy to apply and they last a surprisingly long time, just as long as some of my more expensive lipsticks. They did quite dry my lips out, but I found that this wasn't really the case if I made sure I applied lip balm first.

On the other hand, I was slightly disappointed by the lip crayon. I had hoped it would apply with more colour like with my other lip crayons, but actually just looked like a clear gloss on, you can barely even see it in the picture! It has a nice texture (not in anyway sticky like with a lip gloss) but it's not at all what I was hoping for, but I think it would look nice as a shimmer over a colour. They had other colour lip crayons in Primark, so it may be that some of the darker colours show more colour but I'm not overly keen to try them now if I'm perfectly honest.

The eye-shadow palette I got was called 'Loveable luxuries -Eye-shadow' and consists of nudes and dark shades, perfect for creating that smokey eye look. They all have a shimmer to them, some heavier than others.

The darks are very easy to apply and you can see from the swatches that the colours only have a light shimmer. You do not need to apply loads for the colours to show, these were all just one swipe of the applicator. I wasn't quite as impressed by the nudes, but still fell in love with a couple. The blue was so weak that you really have to look closely to even see it, and this was after going over and over it many times!! I wasn't too bothered by this as baby blue is really not my shade when it comes to eye-shadow. The tan/gold shimmer (2nd from bottom) looks beautiful on though, much more me! The lighter pink and white you can also see on the swatches are also lovely and would be perfect for highlighting your eyes and brows, even a little highlight on your cheeks, everyone lives a multitasker!!

Overall I found make-up from Primark surprisingly more hit than miss (trust me, I'm just as shocked as you are!). Plus, the added bonus of being £1 each for the lipsticks and crayons and £2 each for the eye-shadow palettes makes them a winner, especially if you are trying to buy make-up on a budget. Just be careful to buy those items that are still sealed.