Monday, 24 March 2014

Beauty - Rediscoveries!

I've been meaning to sort through all my make-up, beauty products and nail varnishes for a very long time and just haven't got round to doing it. I just literally have far too much stuff for what I have space for and so much of it I don't even use! So this weekend I bit the bullet and set myself the task of at least getting rid of enough stuff so that my cupboards weren't brimming over anymore.... I didn't do particularly well!

I don't think I chucked away any of my body lotions or face creams or hair spray so I guess I didn't really do brilliantly there at all. But I think with things like that, they are products that I do use everyday so I will get round to using them at some point... Which I always say and then something will catch my eye when I'm shopping and all those products I already had will be pushed further back into the cupboard they came from. But I did manage to tidy them up a lot so it at least looks a lot nicer.

I had the main intention when starting out on this clear out mission to throw out a lot of my old make-up. I have stupid amounts of mascara (I think I had about 8 mascaras), most of which I don't even use because I have my favourites that I use all the time. Trying them out before throwing away though I fell in love with a waterproof Barry M one all over again and so couldn't bear to throw it out! I did manage to cut my collection down to 4 though, no mean feat!

This kind of set the tone for the rest of the clear out really. All my intentions of throwing out all my lip glosses (I never wear lip gloss!) failed, I only managed to let go of 3 nail varnishes (and then bought 3 more the next day). So in this sense, the whole plan completely failed!

What I did find though, was that I rediscovered a load of products that I hadn't even remembered owning. This means that it now feels like I have loads of new makeup and nail varnishes that feel almost like new but I haven't had to spend a single penny. I love it when that happens!!

So I'm now very happy using a couple of new favourite products without having to fork out loads of money and my storage looks a lot tidier! I just may have to buy more storage items as I'm sure it won't be long before I start buying more...

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