Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Oily Skin Saviour!

My skin is ridiculously oily, this is in no way an exaggeration, it is bad! I can use primers, foundations that promise an all day matte complexion, pore refiners, oil controlling name it! But within a couple of hours my face will be so oily that it will look like my face has been dipped in oil, not a good look. I'm quite lucky in the sense that I don't really get spots and blemishes apart from the odd hormone related one, but it does make me feel quite self-concious. Then in walked my skin saviour: oil blotting tissues!!

The ones I am currently using are by a company called Palladio which were completely unknown to me before purchasing, but they are very good. They use rice powder in their products as it has oil absorbing properties, which is what makes these so good for my skin. With these, I just dab them across my face anytime I start to look a bit oily (mainly my T-zone) and they absorb all the oil without affecting any of my make-up, leaving me looking lovely and matte again! You'll be surprised at just how much oil is absorbed though, I was horrified the first time I used them! These particular sheets are jumbo size and so I do tend to rip them in half and only use half at a time but this just means they last twice as long.

You can get many different types of blotting tissues from many places, including Body Shop which have another of my favourites. These Palladio ones can be found at for £4.50 for 40 large sheets, which is quite reasonable.

Do you have any products that you consider your skin saviours? Or can you recommend any other oil control products that are worth me trying out?