Friday, 2 May 2014

Another bit of Nail Art - Jewels!

Here is my most recent nail art design! I have to apologise for the mess on the skin around my nails but I did all the designs and then realised I had run out of nail varnish remover so I couldn't tidy them up but really wanted to do the photos before any possible chipping so I'm afraid this seemed the lesser of two evils!

To achieve this look I used the following nail varnishes - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in shade Grapefruit 407 and MaxFactor Glossfinity in shade 15 Opal. The grapefruit shade is a very bright light pink and the Opal is almost a very pale gunmetal grey on the nail.

First of all (after letting a base coat dry) I applied the Opal shade over the entire nail. This is such a great nail varnish that I only required one coat, it has a really opaque finish. Once this had dried I applied the Grapefruit shade to the nail with a nail art brush to create a triangle with the nail bed and then filled in the rest of the nail with this colour. I thought this required a little something more so I applied a small gem (from a little pot of them that I bought at Superdrug) to the point of each triangle just to give it another dimension. When it was all done and dried I covered over the entire nail with a clear top coat to try and preserve it a bit longer.

I really love this look, but then again I'm pretty happy with anything nail art related and a bit different. Not bad for another attempt!

I hope you like my nail art attempts, I like to think I'm getting at least slightly better with my designs! All comments are always welcome!

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints are available here for £3.99
MaxFactor Glossfinity Nail Varnishes are available here for £5.99