Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Secret Calorie Consumption?

For the last 8 months roughly I have been really making an effort with developing an exercise routine and eating healthy as much as possible, nearly killing myself at the gym in the process! So I have been a bit disheartened and disappointed to find that my weight has stayed exactly the same (increasing slightly as well from time to time). Everyone kept telling me the usual story of how muscle is heavier than fat and so that's why my weight has increased and other similar lines, but then I watched a program called 'Secret Eaters' and I thought maybe that's my problem....

Now, I happen to think I eat rather healthily on a day-to-day basis. I have some cereal bars for breakfast (I don't have time for proper cereal before work so I take these in with me to eat at my desk), a piece of fruit mid-morning, a wrap (usually ham and salad) and a packet of low calorie crisps such as Quavers and more fruit at lunch, yoghurt mid-afternoon, fruit when I walk home from work and then my dinner is usually a slimming world recipe that my mum has made. I read that the secret of keeping your metabolism going is to eat little and often so I have really stuck to that! Then I drink plenty of water and green tea throughout the day as they aid metabolism also. So where I was eating so well all week and doing plenty of exercise, I thought I'd be entitled to the odd glass of wine and 'bad' food over the weekend. Turns out I wasn't eating as well as I had thought, and here is where the Secret Calorie Consumption comes in.

You know those days, someone has had a birthday or someone is just feeling generous at work so they'll buy all sorts of cake/ nibbles for the office. Recently we seem to be having a lot of these days at work. There will be cake for one person's birthday one day and then someone else will have bought in loads of little bags of Cadbury's chocolate because they are on offer at the moment (damn you Tesco for being so close by!). You'll then find yourself having just a little bit of cake, or just a small handfull of chocolate buttons and not even think twice about it! These calories just somehow manage to sneak up on you without you even realising. You think you've eaten rather well when actually all those little things start to add up. I hadn't even noticed I was really doing this before I saw the 'Secret Eaters' program!

So trying to eat healthily and well is not the easiest thing when you work in a close office environment but at least now I have realised where I am going wrong I can start to change my bad habits, even though I think I will really struggle to turn down chocolate buttons!!

Do you have this same problem? Maybe you have now just twigged that you have been unsuccessful with your healthy eating due to the exact same reasons! All comments are very welcome :)