Thursday, 8 May 2014

Getting your feet ready for Summer with Sanctuary

This post seems a bit random considering how bad the weather has been recently, but I have been assured that it is in fact Spring and that Summer will be here very soon! I love being able to wear sandals in the summer but this really means you have to sort your feet out. They have been trapped in shoes (more likely wellies at the moment) for so long and probably haven't been receiving the TLC they need and so now it's time to start making them beautiful for the warmer weather, be prepared and all that!

I like to use a pumice stone to buff my heels and the pads of my feet to make sure they are lovely and smooth (I didn't take a picture because I'm sure no one wants, nor needs, to see that) so that you don't have that unsightly dry cracked skin look. I then like to use a nice foot cream to really make my heels look soft and cared for. My favourite recently has been this Intensive Rescue Heel Balm from Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden.

I actually received this as part of a set and have really enjoyed using it, a repurchase will definitely be happening when this runs out!

This balm has a gorgeously thick texture to it that does feel really indulgent on your feet. Admittedly it isn't the easiest to absorb in to your skin but I do like to apply it quite thickly and let it soak in so that is probably a large factor in that. It has a light minty scent which is not at all overpowering but actually quite refreshing, leaving a slight tingle on your feet. I do think it really helps keep the skin on your heels soft and free from dry skin, especially when I was living in Lanzarote and found that my heels became dry a lot really quickly, making this a real god send. I don't think I have been this impressed by a foot cream at all, it really is the best one I have used (obviously my own opinion).

Then once you have your feet all looking perfect all you have to do is apply a bright summery nail varnish to your toes and you are ready to flash your feet! I will be doing a blog in the next couple of days on nail art for your toes so keep an eye out for that :)

Do you have any routines or products you swear by for getting your feet ready for summer? All comments are always very welcome.

Sanctuary Intensive Rescue Heel Balm is available here for £7.40 for 75ml