Friday, 2 May 2014

The Perfect Couple?

As you may have read in my last Glossybox post here, I received a pearl pink highlighter from MeMeMe Cosmetics. After using it to highlight my brow arch and cheek bones a few times I had found myself slightly unimpressed with it in comparison to Benefit High Beam, which is OK with the price difference! So I was all but ready to banish this product to the bottom of my make-up bag until I tried something different with it...and now I'm loving this highlighter!

So what happened to make me discover a new found respect for this product? I mixed it with my foundation (well my Beauty UK CC cream to be exact) and found that with it's consistency being a bit thinner it mixed effortlessly and when applied to the face this mix gave a good coverage with a gorgeous dewy finish. It isn't OTT shimmery in the slightest and actually looks really natural but almost leaves the skin with a glow to it. Lush!

All I did was mix a small blob of the CC cream with some of the highlighter (in about a 3:1 or 2:1 ratio, depending on preference) on my hand with a foundation brush until it was all mixed together and then applied over the face with said foundation brush and then evened it out on the face with a make-up sponge (this part isn't actually necessary but I personally prefer the finish you get from using a sponge).

From the above pictures you can see the mix of CC cream and highlighter blended in to the skin (left) against just CC on its own (right). It's very easy to see the subtle dewy shine given in the mixed swatch compared to the matte look of the right. If you prefer the matte look then this is probably not an idea for you, whereas if you like a subtle glow then you really need to give this a try!

I used to do this same thing but with foundation and nSpa Illuminating Beauty Serum which was also quite good and had the same effect really, but I just don't think it is quite as good as with the MeMeMe highlighter.

Do you try mixing your foundation with a highlighter to give your skin that extra little glow? If so, what products do you prefer? All comments welcome!

MeMeMe highlighter is available here for £5.50
Beauty UK CC Cream is available here for £4.99