Thursday, 8 May 2014

My tip-toe in to using facial oils...

I have been seeing so many bloggers raving about the wonders of using facial oils to improve their complexion and so had been considering using one for a loooong time. The only thing I was concerned about though, was the fact that I have very oily skin and so was slightly worried by the idea of putting even more oil on my face. I know a lot of people have told how using oils actually helps balance an oily complexion, but I was nervous all the same. After weeks of umming and aahing about whether to purchase one and which to purchase I came across this facial oil in Poundland (of all places) and decided that if I really didn't agree with the use of an oil on my face with this then it wouldn't be a major loss as it only cost me £1!

What drew me to this oil originally is the fact that it's an Argan oil, which I already use a version of on my hair and love the effect it has on my locks. This oil is designed to use on the face at night as well, which is a lot better for me as I would be nervous about putting on an oil before make-up!

I really like the fact that this can be dispensed with a pipette, it saves so much mess and means you can accurately dispense the correct amount so no wastage. Admittedly it is not the most attractive of products when dispensed from the pipette, but it does have a slight pearlescent sheen to it which I quite liked. It has a mild cinnamon scent to it also, well I thought it was quite mild but my boyfriend's words when I got into bed that night was 'your face smells like cinnamon' so I guess it must have been slightly stronger than what I perceived it to be!

I prefer to add the 3 recommended drops to my usual night time face moisturiser and apply the combination of the two to my face. I found it applied really nicely and did not leave my skin looking really greasy like I had thought it would. More importantly, the next morning when I woke up my skin looked well balanced and not even close to as oily as it usually looks in the morning, maybe everyone was right that oils actually help ease oily skin?!

I have only been using this oil for roughly 2 weeks but I'm already so pleased with the difference I've noticed to my skin. I honestly didn't think that this would be much cop, being from Poundland rather than a well-known high end brand. I would definitely repurchase this, but I am also looking to branch out in to the more expensive after how well my skin got on with this one. I'm so glad I finally braved trying a facial oil!

Have any of you tried using facial oils or suffered the same fears as me? All comments are very welcome :)