Monday, 12 May 2014

Beauty UK - Baked Blush blushers

I spent the past weekend in London for a friends birthday (we went to see The Bodyguard at the Adelphi Theatre - what an amazing play!!! A definite must see) and you can't go to London without having a browse around the shops. As well as the ridiculous amount of clothes now added to my wardrobe (my credit card has taken a serious hit) I picked up these two blushers from Beauty UK

The first shade I picked up was the gorgeous pink shade no.2 Rose Rouge. It is a very warm, subtle pink that gives a really nice blush to the apples of your cheeks. I have been looking for a pink/red blush for a while that I could get along with, as I find most have next to no pigmentation or are at the other end of the scale making you look like a doll with the tiniest amount applied. I find this one applies really well to the face and has just the right colour pay off. It is also the perfect colour for my skin tone.

The other I picked up was no.3 Halo. This is the PERFECT powder highlighter, giving the most flattering shimmer to your brow arches and along the top of your cheek bones. I wore this to go out Saturday night just to highlight my brow arch and I'd happily say it looked better than when I use Benefit's High Beam. That's not easy for me to say because I love High Beam, but it really was good and credit where credit is due.

These come in good quantity compacts, complete with little mirrors. They remind me slightly of the Bourjois blushers as they are similar in colour and composition what with the dome shape, but come in a lot larger amount for a cheaper price. I would definitely recommend these!!

Have you tried any of the Beauty UK blushers? I'm loving more of their products every time I go to their stall in Superdrug! And for the amazingly cheap prices I think they are just brilliant. Ok, I probably wouldn't buy their eye shadow palettes as I think they look a bit cheap and tacky, but that's a void that the new Make-up Revolution eye palettes easily fill.

Beauty UK Baked Blush blushers are available here for £3.99, currently also on 3 for 2