Friday, 16 May 2014

Fitness Outdoors - Why I Love Where I Live

I always find getting exercise in to your daily routine is so much easier when you can be outside in the fresh air, especially now the weather seems to be picking up! I know a lot of people hate being stuck in a gym, which is understandable really. It's not exactly the most attractive of places with all the equipment everywhere and being at what is possibly your most unattractive (if you're like me sweaty and glowing red!) whilst stuck in a room full of strangers doesn't exactly sound appealing. So take your exercise outside whilst you have the gorgeous sunny weather as a back drop!

What is so great about where I live is that at the end of my garden is a canal which takes you straight to the centre of town one way or the local marina the other. This is great for me cycling in to work in town as it is just a quick 20 minute cycle each way but is a great little burst of exercise twice a day. Also you can rent boats (or we tend to take our kayak) to take along the canal which is great fun in the summer, with the added bonus of you get a great tan from the sun reflecting of the water! There are always joggers along the canal as well as it is so much safer than running on the road and is so much more attractive visually.

So if you are losing motivation to exercise because the thought of being stuck in a gym when the weather is so lush then take your exercise outdoors! There is always plenty of things you could do depending on where you are. Maybe you have already been doing this and have suggestions of other activities? Please comment and share what you have been up to!