Thursday, 1 May 2014

Empties of the Month - April

I genuinely can't believe that April is already over, it absolutely sped by! I still managed to gather together a few empties this month for this post though. Before I go any further, I just want to say that I disappeared for a few days as my friend from when I lived in Lanzarote was visiting the UK so I wanted to spend some time with her whilst she was here. But she's headed off to Disney World in Florida now (great for her, sad for me :( haha!) so I'm back to blogging again!

So first up on my empties list - Germaine de Capuccini Excel Therapy O2 Continuous Defense.

You can see just how long-lasting this product was by the fact that all the writing has been worn off! This was actually a small bottle of this face cream from the Excel Therapy Travel Set but it was gorgeous on your skin. The scent of it was lush but didn't sit on your skin all day, which to me is a good thing. The cream had a lovely consistency and absorbed into the skin really easily and left your face feeling hydrated and cared for. Despite loving this product though, I don't think I will be buying it again in a hurry. Not that there is anything wrong with the product itself, it's price tag is just slightly out of my range...

I have mentioned my love for Batiste Dry Shampoo in the past, I just get through these so quickly! Where I had longer hair I would only wash my hair twice a week so this was an absolute godsend for keeping my hair looking fresh between washes. Now that I have had my hair cut back to short (thank god, I really don't suit long hair!) I have to wash it more often so I use dry shampoo mainly for styling rather than keeping greasy hair at bay. This dry shampoo isn't exactly the best at achieving this but it's not bad either. Will more than likely be repurchasing this as it isn't very expensive.

I received this through one of my monthly subscription boxes and it very quickly became another favourite. The sweet rhubarb scent of this was really strong, but in a really good way. It left my hands smelling good enough to eat! I tried to use it sparingly as it was such a small tube but I think I ended up using it all up within about 2 weeks. It did leave my hands beautifully soft and hydrated though, which is a lot for me as I suffer from eczema on my hands (which it did not irritate in any way). Will definitely be buying myself some more in the very near future.

Now this product really has lasted me AGES! I bought this when I lived in Spain (hence it being in Spanish!) and I moved back to the UK a year ago now, so I've had it at least a year using it every day, and it has only just run out. I apologise for the state of the bottle but I genuinely take this with me wherever I go so it's got a bit dirty on it's travels. I use this product to remove my eye make-up every night as it is so gentle on my eye area and causes no irritation nor leaves any residue. It seems a lot like Micellar water in the way it feels and cleans, it is quite hydrating. I highly recommend this product and have already bought some more, I just can't be without it!

I received this hair oil through one of my monthly subscription boxes but before getting it I had never bothered buying a hair oil as my hair is so fine I really thought it would make it look horrible. How wrong I was! This left my hair feeling lovely and soft and look so glossy that I used this at least once a week to improve the quality of my hair. I desperately tried to purchase a full sized bottle but it always said sold out on the website :( so instead I bought a new hair oil that seems to be having the same effect. For any one that has fine hair, do not be afraid to use hair oil, it's great at rehydrating your hair when it becomes a bit dry through heat styling!

These Korres Citrus Little Body Milk's were sooo good I got through 2 bottles! These were (again!) another product from one of my beauty boxes, and when I told my friend who also subscribes how much I loved it she gave me hers also as she doesn't tend to use body milks. I actually poured the 2 of these in to a pump bottle I had from an old body milk as I prefer that method of application. It was quite a bit thicker than most body milks I have been used to but still managed to be used in the pump bottle ok. It absorbed in to the skin beautifully and left it really soft. The only thing I wasn't 100% keen on was the smell, for some reason it smelt a bit masculine to me, not an incredibly feminine scent, but maybe that's just me. It did not put me off using it at all though so it wasn't that bad. I would happily invest in some more.

So there you have it, my Empties of the Month for the month that absolutely flew by! Hopefully it continues like this until the summer comes round so that I can enjoy the sunshine really soon!!

Do you use any of these products, are some maybe your favourites even? All comments are very much welcome.