Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Jimmy Choo Exotic - Limited Edition Eau de Toilette

I recently went in to The Perfume Shop to see if there were any new perfumes being launched for the summer and found this little beauty! If you are a fan of the original Jimmy Choo perfume then you are going to love this as it is very similar except it has a very fruity edge to it which is really lush. It is limited edition for the summer though so I would grab a couple of bottles to keep you going as it won't be around forever (ok well it will still be around for a few weeks as it has only recently come out, but buy a few anyway!).

In The Perfume Shop they are selling this perfume for £43.50 for 60ml but I found it on Allbeauty here for £39.75 for 100ml, which I think you will agree is a massive saving. And an excuse to buy a bigger bottle...

It is the same style bottle that we all know and love for Jimmy Choo but in a really nice raspberry shade and the box is very familiar but with flashes of bright red. This really is perfect for the summer and also looks gorgeous in  your collection.

Have you already purchased this limited edition perfume from Jimmy Choo? What are your thoughts on it, do you love it as much as I do? All comments are always welcome!

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