Monday, 19 May 2014

My weight loss challenge - update #1

Start weight = 10stone 5lbs
Target weight = 9stone
Current weight = 10stone

What a beautiful weekend we have just had! I hope you were all able to make the most of the sunshine, I live quite near the beach and the traffic was pretty much at a stand still where everyone drives down to the beach to soak up the sun, thank god for my bike!

So, back to the current topic. I weighed myself this morning and was shocked to see that I seem to have lost 5 whole pounds in one week! I use the same scales whenever I weigh myself so I know it's not just the difference between different scales, but I was really shocked to see I had lost 5lbs so quickly. I was expecting to struggle to lose 2lbs a week. At this rate I'll reach target within 3 weeks! Fingers crossed for that.

I found this week pretty easy to stick to from Monday to Friday but then really struggled over the weekend. Where I was taking a packed lunch to work with me it meant that I didn't give myself any opportunities to eat 'bad' food and so it was really easy to stick to my healthy eating plan. Also on Friday's I go for lunch at a local deli with my friend and instead of ordering my usual pulled pork and heaps of coleslaw bap (LOVE) I managed to stick to having a crayfish and mixed salad baguette. I enjoyed it actually, nowhere near as much as the pulled pork alternative but it was really nice all  the same.

I made sure I went to the gym 4 times last week as well, doing 2 spin classes and 2 body pump classes. I think this is what really made me lose the weight as I did really push myself in classes last week. I believe weight loss comes from a combination of the two, exercise and diet, so I made sure I dragged myself there even on the days when I really didn't want to!

But then the weekend came, and with it far too much temptation! I was pretty good most of Saturday as I got up early to go buy myself a new car (an absolutely gorgeous one!) with my mum and so took her to lunch at Slug and Lettuce to say thank you. I had Italian Chicken which is quite good in the sense that it is just chicken breast, roasted vegetables and potato wedges but the small amount of sauce probably wasn't very healthy. But I had been on my feet all day and really good during the week plus I wasn't  planning on having a big dinner.... Then I remembered it was my friends husband's little birthday get together Saturday evening... I made sure that I was the one driving so I had an excuse not to drink but I did have a couple of slices of pizza....I can't resist pizza!

Then Sunday I was doing well up until my boyfriend suggested shake-aways... We were sitting in the park, relaxing soaking up the sun when he said that he was really craving one, so then I couldn't get it out of my head! So I just bit the bullet and got myself a lovely brownie, boost and flake milkshake! But I did have a healthy chicken pasta dinner so I guess it evened it out slightly.

So there you go, that's week 1 for you. I did a lot better than I expected and it has made me think that maybe the odd treat here and there actually won't do you any harm, so long as it is only a small treat once or twice a week, don't let yourself slip up too much!

Now on to the next week, hopefully I will be able to have another really good week but I think I'd be very lucky to lose more than 2-3lbs again. Here goes!

All comments are always welcome :)