Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Weight Loss Challenge - update #2

Start weight = 10stone 5lbs
Target weight = 9stone
Current weight = 9stone 13lbs

I had a bad week...a really bad week! I think the achievement of doing so well the previous week meant I was a bit slack this week and I am actually really surprised that I still lost a pound rather than put on a couple. I shall try to get properly back in to it this week and have a slightly better loss by next Monday.

So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good. I ate well and went to the gym every day and so was really on target with it but then Thursday I had to miss the gym as I was going to pick up my new car (which is gorgeous by the way!). I went to spinning Friday morning before work as usual but I forgot to pack myself a lunch and by the time it got to lunch time I was so hungry and feeling grumpy about the crappy weather that I gave in to my stomach and had a bacon and cheese pasty and wedges from the Cornish Pasty Shop...very very bad indeed. Of course it taste amazing but I did find that for a few hours I felt really sluggish and bloated and I really don't think it was worth it. Silly me!

Then Saturday morning my boyfriend wanted to go for a fried breakfast and so I went with all intentions of just having scrambled egg on toast, but the smell of bacon tempted me in and I ended up having a fry up too! It did leave me really full for most of the rest of the day though so I was pretty good after that but it wasn't the best way to start the day. We did spend a good few hours gutting out the old upstairs bathroom though and so that must have counted as some form of exercise? I'm going to say yes... And then I had a glass of wine in the evening, it was just sat 2/3's empty in the fridge and I was worried about it going off :/ (yes, I am aware it doesn't but that was the excuse in my head at the time).

Sunday I tried really hard to not be tempted in by anything unhealthy. We went to Blackbushe market to have a look around and I wasn't tempted in by any of the greasy burger vans that they have in there, even when Ryan went and got a massive portion of chips. I even got some fruit from the fruit stall in there so that we could have fruit salad later on. But then Ryan's family did a MASSIVE roast dinner (their dinners are the best) and it would have been rude for me to have said no to it...and vienetta icecream. I'm rubbish when food is there available to me! If I'm sorting my own food out I'm fine because I'll stick to what I've restricted myself to but if someone else has cooked for me I can't help but eat it all! But I did play a couple of games of badminton in the garden because the weather was so nice so I guess I worked at least some of it off!

And with all that, I'm very surprised that I had any weight loss at all last week! So this week I am getting properly back in to it, no excuses. I'll keep you informed of how well I do next week, hopefully it will be a vast improvement!

As always, your comments are very welcome :)