Friday, 2 May 2014

Collection Eye Shadow Pencils

Recently I was doing my usual browsing around the make-up stands in Superdrug and came across these eye shadow crayons from Collection. I have never tried anything other than powders for eye shadow, and these seemed quite easy colours to work with, so I thought I would get a couple and see what they were like to use. I decided to buy shades Gunmetal Glitz 2 - a shimmery light metal grey, Vintage Blush 3 - a shimmery pale pink nude and Midnight Glam 5 which is a shimmery black (notice all the shimmer!). They are absolutely beautiful colours that caught my eye on the shelf.

These were actually so easy to apply that I can't believe I have never tried eye shadow pencils before. I usually use the Vintage blush as a base colour and then either of the other 2 for the crease and it was so easy to achieve this look with just them, no brushes required. I did use a blending sponge to just blend the colours slightly more so that they melted in to each other, but that was it.

They were very creamy and  so smooth on the skin. Once applied you couldn't feel them sitting on your eyelid either, which is what put me off buying anything like this in the past (I hate any make-up that leaves a cakey feeling on my face and this is really what I had expected from these). The only thing that I didn't like about these is that the Vintage Blush shade didn't look overly smooth on the eyelid once applied, it became quite flakey which doesn't look too good. It isn't very noticeable unless you look properly but I wasn't a fan. I didn't seem to have this problem with the other shades though, but I guess this is because I only used them on the crease which is a smaller area and so less noticeable.

All-in-all I quite liked these crayons. I'm not sure if I'll be running off anytime soon to buy more but I quite like using these from time to time.

Have you purchased any of these eye shadow crayons? What were your thoughts on them? All comments are very welcome!

All Collection Eye Shadow Pencils are available here for £3.19 or from Boots which is currently 3 for 2!